Part One: Interview an Object
This exercise was inspired by the podcast Everything is Alive, produced by Ian Chillag. We were asked to interview an object as a practice in world building during the Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities. Acting as a record showcased how situating oneself in an uncommon perspective can highlight behaviors and human constructs otherwise unconsidered.
Part Two: Build a World from the Object
Building from the interview exercise, I asked "What if there was only one record ever made? How would society be transformed?" I imagined our world with an alternate history. In this divergent past, society structured itself in reflection of the record player. The people's daily schedule, thought processes, and framing of time revolved around the turning of the record and the transition of each song. When the record stopped spinning, the beings of the world struggled to collaborate in their problem solving. They had experienced life in individual, circular patterns. Their grooves did not overlap. Until they created Ozark Etcher...
Making included resin casting and woodworking with a band saw, belt sander, and power drill.
Materials included raw wood, hemp cord, paint, rocks, and glue. 
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