In collaboration with:
Rachel Fazio, Camille Scukas, and Patrick Roller

A three month long research and product design project. We asked “How might we help people recognize, reflect, and archive mood shifts on a long term basis?” Our response was a music speaker and companion app focusing on individual interpretation of mood and abstracted data visuals.

In detail:
Through our research we found that our product would need to be individualized, fit into daily life, and require minimal mental exertion.

Users can express their mood through color associations and move the speaker’s sliders to a color that best represents how they feel, and another color that represents a transition in music playback.

The companion app encourages users to actively program their device to play music based on their own individual color associations.

The ability to add “emotional timestamps” or notes identifies significant events or changes in mood.

Abstract visuals help to maintain privacy by cultivating individual interpretation of each user’s personal mood data.

Users have the ability to choose between a range of short to long term visualizations of data. This archive allows for clear organization and easier reflection on past mood shifts.


Participatory Design Workshops

Artifact Analysis

Drawing Exercises to express mood through color.

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